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Holiday or Heart Attack? – You choose.

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The Tree House At Bulli Beach

Over the last five years of being a holiday manager, I have watched as peoples holidays got shorter and shorter.  Until bizarrely I now get emails from Airbnb advising me that “28% of people looking in my region are booking holidays of 1 night or shorter”  I haven’t figured out how that is possible unless it’s that ‘other’ kind of room rental!

Ironically though the benefits of a holiday are largely realised after a week – the sweet spot for relaxation is actually seven nights and eight days.  The theory goes that the first day is usually taken up with travelling, locating and settling into your new accommodation.  Then day two and three are spent slowly unwinding from work, by day four you are relaxed and in the swing of things which peaks at about day seven.  Day eight is spent getting home, unpacking, washing and lamenting over leaving your phone charger behind.

Although the lure of a holiday is in the sensory experience of it now – (cool aqua water and ocean breezes through your hair). Holidays actually have a cumulative long term effect. A nine-year study at the State University of New York at Oswego found that taking a week-long holiday every year reduced your overall risk of death by about 20%. Go on holidays and live longer – sounds like a win/win. On the flip side, the famous Framingham Heart Study showed that women who took the least holidays were 8 times more likely to have a heart attack. For context, they only took a holiday every 6 years on average – so no real surprise there.

But how often you take holidays also has an impact.  The overall happiness level you feel on your holidays has generally faded before your tan. Two to four weeks after your holiday, expect to feel back to your old cranky self.  However, my brother in law of all people has a great theory on this.  It’s simple.

Take a one week holiday every three months. The theory goes you have a week’s worth of holiday bliss, you return and spend two and four weeks back at work but enjoying that holiday afterglow. Buckle down for the next four weeks planning your holiday and sorting out all the delicious details – a great stress reliever. Then the last three weeks counting down that days and getting very excited about your holidays.

The moral of the story is take holidays, at least four a year for a week – to avoid early death and heart attack risk. Or just to have a great time, reconnect with your family and get off the hamster wheel for a bit.

Thirroul Beach Pavilion
Be Inspired Do & See Kids Play Thirroul

The Thirroul Beach Guide – Sun, Surf, Shops…and lots more

Thirroul Beach sits within a pleasure playground for young and old.  With shops, cafes, boutiques on one side, a kids playground and Art Deco Ocean pool in the middle the long expanse of beach tops of what is a heavenly holiday spot.

I have collected my most frequently asked questions about Thirroul Beach and answered them below;

Thirroul Beach Path

1. How do I get to Thirroul Beach?

Best to take the M1 and then turn off at Bulli Pass, after it winds down just turn left and head into Thirroul on Lawrence Hargrave Drive. Turn right onto the McCauley Street and then left into Bath Street. Follow this all the way down and you will see the kids park – the beach is just behind it.

By Car to Thirroul Beach
Sydney to Thirroul is 1 hour and 43 minutes
Parramatta to Thirroul is 1 hour and 21 minutes
Campbelltown to Thirroul is 39 minutes
North Sydney to Thirroul is 1 hours and 49 minutes

2. Is there parking and how much does it cost?

There is a small car park behind the kids playground, otherwise the parking is entirely street parking which is un-timed. There is also a larger car park to the right hand side of the playground.  It can get very busy on the weekends so be patient. None of the car parks have fees.

3. Is Thirroul Beach patrolled?

Thirroul beach is patrolled daily from 9am – 6pm during the peak times (November-March). In the shoulder periods (late September-November & March-late April) the beach is patrolled from 9am-5pm. There are no life guards from late April through the winter to late September.

4. Are there public toilets, showers and a bubbler at Thirroul Beach?

The original pool Art Deco bathrooms and showers have been restored and offer toilets, showers and a change room. There is a bubbler in the kids playground.

5. Is there shade or under cover picnic tables at Thirroul Beach?

The park is surround by beautiful Norfolk pine trees and offers lots of grass and some shaded tables in front of the pool. But your best bet is to bring a picnic blanket and take advantage of the park and spots under the trees.

Thirroul Beach

6. Is Thirroul Beach good for surfing?

Thirroul is a popular surfers beach – best to check out for accurate and up to date information.

7. Is there an ocean pool at Thirroul Beach?

There is an ocean fed pool at Thirroul that is free and open to the public. It has marked lanes, life guards, showers and change rooms. The pool gets cleaned very regularly but be warned the water can a bit nippy as a result.  There is also an undercover toddler pool.

Thirroul Beach

8. Is Thirroul Beach a good place for kids?

Thirroul Beach offers a safe and undercover toddlers pool, a fantastic playground, showers, change rooms, bubblers and lots of shade and space to play in the park and a expanse of beach to build sand castles and dip their toes in the waves. It is a fantastic beach for kids that also caters well for their parents with shops, coffee and great food nearby.

9. Is there good coffee nearby?

You can grab a coffee without having to get into the car at the Thirroul Beach Pavilion which is off the beach.  If you feel like wandering a bit further then Finbox, Honest Dons and Buck Hamlin offer great coffee.

10. Is Thirroul Beach dog friendly?

Thirroul Beach has timed access Via Jones St, Henley Road , Mary Street and Cliff Parade. However further south McCauley’s Beach offers Off-leash access via Corbett Avenue.


11. Are there public BBQ’s at Thirroul Beach?

There are public BBQ’s in the park off Thirroul Beach. These can get very busy in Summertime but are generally clean and in good working order.

12. Can you recommend a place for lunch nearby?

You can’t beat the Thirroul Beach Pavilion for convenience and the fish and chips are fantastic.  Or Bergies Fish Shop is a few minutes away and boasts having the best fish and chips in town.  Walk down Bath Street and you will see Honest Don’s if you are after something a little less deep fried or go to Saffron’s Milk Bar for a decently priced sandwich and a milkshake.

13. Does Thirroul host any events?

Thirroul’s main streets, beach and parks host the annual Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival every year in March or April. It is a community event that is run by the Lions Club and features art, music, market stalls and lots of food.

Thirroul beach and village are one of the most vibrant on the South Coast and offer so much more than just sand and surf so be sure to pack a picnic, bring some ball games, have an appetite and be prepared for a whole day or weekends worth of fun.

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