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A Tour Around the Sea Cliff Bridge

To give you a better look at the Sea Cliff Bridge I did a bit of filming on my last walk.  I know recommending a bridge walk can seem a bit touristy but this walk is worth it.  With the cliff on one side and the ocean on the other you feel like you are in a special meeting place between the land and the sea.

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Viva La Gong – A Celebration of Community

Last weekend Wollongong hosted its annual festival of family, community, diversity, arts and culture. This festival is the highlight of year and as always it delivered.  From its parade of diverse and interesting organisations and community groups, the arty markets and crafty projects for kids, funky live music, circus for kids to its funny live theatre La Petite Grande.  This festival is a stunning display of everything Wollongong values and has to offer.  Held annually in November at McCabe Park book it in to your calendar now for a weekend away next year




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